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The Enneagram and Servant Leadership

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Growing OthersListeningPersuasionEmpathyForesightResponsibilityBig PictureFull AwarenessBuildingCommunityS E R V A N TL E A D E R S H I PThe Enneagram in Business Mini-BookGinger Lapid-Bogda PhD©2022 The Enneagram in Business

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Growing OthersListeningPersuasionEmpathyForesightResponsibilityBig PictureFull AwarenessBuildingCommunitySERVANT LEADERSHIP

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Servant Leadership At their best, leaders are stewards of their teams andorganizations. The concept of stewardship comes fromthe work on Servant Leadership (Robert Greenleaf).Servant leadership means that the leader is there toserve the team and the organization. In other words,the team and organization do not serve the leader andthe leader is not self-serving. A self-serving leader seeks to gain money, status,prestige, power, or control. A servant leader is more conscious, has more integrityand more humility. What does a servant leader do? Here are the gifts andperspectives on servant leadership from the nineEnneagram types. Please take these servant leaderdescriptions as archetypes rather than a gift that onlyapplies to one Enneagram type. Leaders of allEnneagram types can embrace these nineperspectives as they aspire to be stewards of theirteams and organizations.

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Enneagram One PerspectiveGrowing others Leaders who act as stewards believe that people havean intrinsic value beyond their tangible contributions asworkers and are deeply committed to the growth andimprovement of every individual and team. Enneagram Two PerspectiveListening Leaders who act as stewards have a deepcommitment and ability to listen intently to others andto also sense the “will” of the team and organization.

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Enneagram Three PerspectivePersuasion Leaders who act as stewards use persuasion ratherthan continuously using positional authority to makethings happen. They build respect, influence, andconsensus because the overuse of positional authorityerodes respect for the leader. Stewards use positionalauthority sparingly and only when absolutely required.Enneagram Four PerspectiveEmpathy Leaders who act as stewards understand andempathize with other people, but also accept andacknowledge them as individuals even when they donot agree with them.

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Enneagram Five PerspectiveForesight Leaders who act as stewards possess foresight, whichenables them to understand the lessons from the past,the realities of the present, and the likelyconsequences of a decision or future action. Thisrequires both intuition and the ability to trust oneself.Enneagram Six PerspectiveResponsibility Leaders who act as stewards assume a commitment toserving the needs of others, including those who theirorganization or unit serves. The attitude is not one of“owning the team or organization;” it is one of havingthe honor of “holding the organization and team intrust” for others.

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Enneagram Seven PerspectiveBig picture Leaders who act as stewards perceive the whole aswell as the parts; they see the forest, trees, branches,leaves, and roots. They also know what they need totake action on and when some things simply resolvethemselves.Enneagram Eight PerspectiveFull awareness Leaders who act as stewards have self-awareness,awareness of others, and awareness of what isoccurring in the environment. They see reality as it is,not a distorted version.

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Enneagram Nine PerspectiveBuilding community Leaders who act as stewards stand at the helm of theirteam or organization, providing guidance in times ofcertainty and uncertainty. This support is always with akeen sense of having a positive impact on the variousaffected communities. When the best leader’s work is done; thepeople say, ‘We did it ourselves.’ ~ Lao Tzu

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