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Type-Based Strengths, Development Areas, and Growth Activities

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The Enneagram in Business Mini-Book©2023 The Enneagram in BusinessEnneAgram typestrengths, developmentareas, and growthactivitiesby Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD

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Anyone can take the route of no growth. When people makethis decision — and making no decision is a decision — theysoon find that their friends, colleagues, family members, andpeers have moved beyond them. Those who take the path of moderate growth, makingthemselves comfortable and going at their own pace, will befine for a while, but then their partners, friends, familymembers, colleagues will begin to outpace them.Those who follow the path of extreme growth will be amazedat their capacity and at the vitality that a commitment togrowth brings. The rate of their personal and professionaldevelopment are integrated and grounded. The following pages will take you through type-baseddevelopment activities that can help you along your path ofextreme growth. This newfound growth is an exhilaratingexperience that ripples out to all aspects of your life.Choose Your Level of Growth

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Strengthsstrive for quality | organized | perceptive | honest Development Areasreactive | critical | opinionated | impatient CORE GROWTH ACTIVITIESBecome more accepting, calm, and serene rather thantrying to make everything perfect.Let go of being overly attentive to details and needing tohave everything under control.Become more flexible and relaxed and less self critical,judgmental and reactive.Type One

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Strengthsempathic | supportive | motivating | warm Development Areasaccommodating | indirect | angry whenunappreciated | overextendingAcknowledge that you have needs and desires, andfocusing more on taking care of yourself and less oncatering to the needs of others.Find an internal basis for self-esteem rather than makingyour self-worth dependent on the reactions of others. Integrate dependence and autonomy in both your personaland professional relationships.Type TwoCORE GROWTH ACTIVITIES

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Strengthsenergetic | entrepreneurial | confident | results oriented Development Areascompetitive | abrupt | overly focused |selectively disclosingType ThreeDeeply explore your inner thoughts, feelings, andexperiences in order to become more genuine.Go more with the flow of events and experiences and beless driven to continuously try to make things happen.Learn the difference between doing and being, andappreciating yourself for who you are rather than for whatyou do. CORE GROWTH ACTIVITIES

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Strengthsinspiring | creative | introspective | expressive Development Areasintense | self-conscious | moody | guilt-riddenType FourIntegrate objectivity with emotionality to find an equilibriumof your heart and mind.Find a deep sense of self-worth without comparing yourselfto others.Focus simultaneously and equally on yourself and otherpeople.CORE GROWTH ACTIVITIES

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Strengthsanalytic | objective | systematic | expert Development Areassecretive | detached | autonomous |under-emphasize relationshipsType FIVeEngage emotionally in real time rather than automaticallydisengaging from your emotional responses. Share more of yourself – including your thoughts, feelings,and personal experiences – with others. Be a central part of events, interpersonal interactions, andorganizations, rather than staying on the periphery.CORE GROWTH ACTIVITIES

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Strengthsloyal | collaborative | persevering | problem solving Development Areasworrying | tolerance of ambiguity |analysis paralysis | martyringType SIXLearn to differentiate between an insight and a projection(something based on imagination).Trust your own inner authority rather than looking tosomeone or something outside yourself for meaning andcertainty.Have faith in yourself and others to be able to handlewhatever occurs. CORE GROWTH ACTIVITIES

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Strengthsimaginative | enthusiastic | engaging | quick thinking Development Areasimpulsive | unfocused | rebellious | pain avoidantType sevenBe able to focus mentally, emotionally, and physically at will.Feel genuine and consistent empathy for others. Accept and integrate the reality of pain and discomfortalong with pleasure.CORE GROWTH ACTIVITIES

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Strengthsdirect | strategic | protective | big action oriented Development Areascontrolling | demanding | disdain weakness |intimidatingType eightBe forthcoming about your deep vulnerabilities. Allow others to exercise autonomy and control. Be receptive and responsive to input from others ratherthan moving to immediate, unilateral action.CORE GROWTH ACTIVITIES

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Strengthsdiplomatic | easygoing | accepting | affable Development Areasconflict avoidant | unassertive | procrastinating |indecisiveType nineExpress your thoughts, needs, and preferences even whenthese oppose the wishes of others.Be active and assertive rather than acting de-energizedor passive. Learn to embrace conflict and deal with it directly, withthe understanding that resolving differences bringspeople together. CORE GROWTH ACTIVITIES

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