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Rumi Poems: Part Two

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RUMI POEMSpart 2 ©2021 THE ENNEAGRAM IN BUSINESS by Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhDThe Enneagram in Business Mini-Book

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Rumi is a 13th-century Persian poet who hascaptivated the minds and touched the hearts ofthe modern-day Enneagram community, amongothers. In this mini-book, you can excerpts fromhis provocative and insightful poems, one foreach enneagram type.

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Why is this an important poem for type Ones touse for reflection? Ones search for serenity andacceptance, yet their ego structure has themthink that it is their job to notice mistakes, bigand small, and to correct them. This is anendless task and takes them far from thetranquility for which they yearn.If you are irritated by every rubHow will you be polished?Rumi PoemType 1

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Love yourself completelyReturn to the root of your own soulRumi PoemType 2Why is this an important poem for type Twos touse for reflection? Twos – at least, most Twos –are adept at showing love for others and do socontinually. However, self-love is harder to dobecause the Twos’ focus is on the external andhow others respond to them, not on theirintrinsic self-valuing, which is an internalexploration. Experiencing the root of one’s ownsoul requires a deep inner journey and theability to self-love and self-care without attentionto the responses of others. Go there!

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That which is false troubles the heart But truth brings joyoustranquility Rumi PoemType 3Why is this an important poem for type Threesto use for reflection? The Threes’ passion, akatheir vice, is deceit. However, this version ofdeceit essentially means self-deceit: that is,believing that which conforms to and confirmsyour idealized self and disowning that whichdoes not. Because the passion of deceit formsin the Heart Center, the Threes’ passion createsan emotional falsity that troubles the heart. Buttruth is a different story. What is your truth?

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You are not a drop in the oceanYou are the entire ocean in a dropRumi PoemType 4Why is this an important poem for type Fours touse for reflection? Fours are continuouslysearching for deeper, profound and unendingexperience and connections, and when thisdoes not occur – for example, being out of realcontact with themselves or feeling separatedfrom others – they become distressed, sad,and/or angry. Part of this is based on theirfeeling of being insignificant, not-enough, and/ordeficient. This poem illuminates that which ismore true, if they only knew it.

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Open your handsIf you want to be heldRumi PoemType 5Why is this an important poem for type Fives touse for reflection? Fives appear as if they needvery little from others and their environments. Ithas been said that type Fours and type Fives arethe most sensitive to a sense of existentialabandonment, with Fours having “wetabandonment” and Fives having “dryabandonment.” In other words, Fours feelabandoned and weep about it, whereas Fivesdeal with their sense of abandonment withouttears. Deep inside, however, Fives wantengagement with others and deep connection;this is the meaning of the poem.

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Once the seeds of faith take rootIt cannot be blown awayEven by the strongest windRumi PoemType 6Why is this an important poem for type Sixes touse for reflection? The Holy Idea or high mentalstate for Sixes is Holy Faith. In a world ofperpetual uncertainty, Holy Faith provides Sixesthe path to certainty in an uncertain world.

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I looked inwardsAnd the beauty of my own emptinessFilled me until dawn Rumi PoemType 7Why is this an important poem for type Sevensto use for reflection? Sevens search for continualexternal stimulation to fill the emptiness theyfeel inside. Their emotional passion of Gluttonyis one way they do this, but Gluttony onlysatisfies for the moment and then the sense ofbeing full is gone. It is the inward journey thattruly satisfies.

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There is a sacredness in tearsThey are not the mark of weaknessBut of powerRumi PoemType 8Why is this an important poem for type Eights touse for reflection? Eights believe that showingvulnerability of any kind is weakness; they alsobelieve that strong is good and weakness is bad.But when they allow the tears of vulnerability toemerge and integrate this aspect of themselves,they learn that true strength includes beingvulnerable.

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You must ask for what you really want.Don’t go back to sleep!The door is round and openDon’t go back to sleep! Rumi PoemType 9Why is this an important poem for type Nines touse for reflection? Nines are known as “angerthat went to sleep,” and this has many meanings.Nines keep their anger so minimal that theyoften don’t recognize it. Without access to theiranger, however, Nines put their entire vibrancyto sleep, lose their “voice” and become disabledfrom expressing what they want, knowing attimes what they don’t want but not what they dowant. Hence the message, “Don’t go back tosleep!”

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