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Enneagram Haikus eBook

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© 2 0 2 2 T H E E N N E A G R A M I N B U S I N E S S by Russell (Tres) BogdaThe Enneagram in Business Mini-BookEnneagramHaikus

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"Haikus are a microcosm of alarger idea or feeling. They arebrief, poignant, and powerful."

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"Traditional, structured, and usually unrhyming, thisshort form of Japanese poetry is well known for itsrule of 5/7/5: five syllables in the first line, seven inthe second, and five again in the third. The haiku first appeared in Japanese literaturearound the 17th century, but it didn’t earn its propername until around the 19th century. At first, thesubject of haikus was restricted to nature, namingthe season and using an objective description styleto evoke an emotional response in the reader. Today, haikus are no longer limited to the subject ofnature, although nature is still a popular topic.Haikus can be written for just about anything. Thereare haikus for humor, to raise social awareness, toevoke emotions, or to reminisce on the past. Theidea of compression, though, remains the same.Haikus are a microcosm of a larger idea or feeling.They are brief, poignant, and powerful.”--ReadPoetry.comThe HAIKU

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ONE HAIKUSeeking perfectionOn-time focused organizedStrive for quality

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Two HAIKUAlways generousWith a need to be neededProviding support

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Three HAIKUMaking things happenEndlessly creating plansA thirst for success

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Four HAIKUSeeks deep connectionPushed and pulled by emotionIndividual

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FIVE HAIKUA thirst for knowledgeConservation of spaceRecluse with a book

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SIX HAIKUComplex perspectiveAn antenna for dangerTrust loyalty doubt

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Seven HAIKUExcitement and soundsIdeas concepts movementCreative stimulation

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Eight HAIKULarge truth and powerMake important things happenProtecting people

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Nine HAIKUHarmony and peaceDislike conflict and ill willEasy going smile

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